ALMOST NOWHERE (2015)  [25.00]
commissioned by Tage für Neue Musik Zürich 2014
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world premiere
Tage für Neue Musik Zürich

Saxophone, Percussion, Piano, E.Guitar (Ensemble Nikel)

Almost Nowhere is part of a series (Almost) started in 2010 in which I am questioning my identity through a research on the proxemics of composing. The relationship with sound (grown in the Iconica series) remains as fingerprint and become a familiar and elective haven from which to start afresh. Following a line on the horizon that is far from the habits, trying to reach what is pure, quiver, vanishing, or to the recollects before the dying (Almost Requiem). In Almost Nowhere there is the love for the storytelling, as organic emersion of essence with narrative properties, as the trajectory of a gaze throughout a landscape almost lacking of temporal definition, as a need of lines instead of rhymes. Almost Nowhere is a fairy tale, in which the wish of a placement is continuously tested trough solved/unsolved movements. The fence of the trip delimits a land that insist to be purely musical and the need of exactitude (of shaping the evolution of characters) claims his living in what remains from the disorientation. 

Almost Nowhere is dedicated to Yaron Deutsch and to the Ensemble Nikel.



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