ALMOST PURE FOR E.P. (2011) - (Suvini Zerboni)

ALMOST PURE FOR E.P.  (2011) - Suvini Zerboni

"The Almost for E.P. series responds as if to a game on foreign ground, to a place of composition that is no longer the studio, but an ill-defined, unfamiliar terrain, sometimes insubstantial, on which one has no immediate footing. Almost pure for E.P. is a composition for string quartet that is quite free in its syntax, yet powerfully stresses the opposition between catalyzing events and the effects that come in their wake. The imbalances in the triumph of the forceful explosions or woeful aftermath prevail over the moments of true dialectic, so that a long central segment remains anchored to pianissimos that demand a closely attuned and attentive ear. Momi’s poetic approach seems here to partially abandon the exploration of a landscape of sound objects, striking out for a melancholy horizon that is broken by sudden shafts of impetuous light. We are left with the impression that the “trusted” sound is not the liberating, unbridled and vehement one: rather, it is the slipstream, the emotional aftertaste that never lies, that remains a firm anchor. Likewise, if something exquisitely subjective makes its appearance at long last, it takes the form of the interrogative repetition of a single sound, so naked as to seem almost pitiless, as if it were asking over and over: may I? may I? may I? “ (Pierluigi Basso Fossali, 2013)


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