HOX ON BECKETT (2003) - (Nuova Stradivarius)

HOX ON BECKETT - violin, viola, hautboy, bass clarinet

“Hox on Beckett” , for violin, viola oboe and bass clarinet, was born from the meeting
my research around  the biological processes of development, and a brief poem by Samuel Beckett.

Both of these elements converge on a poetics based on  an  immanent naturalism characterised by a general economy of strong gestural expressiveness,were the choise of  processes  and structures involved in the piece are fused with the poetical direction of the work.

The poem become a sort of human being that borns, grows and dies and all his course is wrote on is DNA: the phonems, the sound of his words.

“Hox” is the “regulator gene” of the morphogenesis, the system that he uses  to organize the development of the human being is transfer in music to realize a sort of evolutive paradigm.




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