QUATTRO NUDI (2014-2018) - (RICORDI)

 QUATTRO NUDI (2014)  [10.00]
commissioned by 
Why Note, Césaré, GMEA, La Muse en Circuit


world premiere - Christelle Séry
9_11_2014 Dijon || Consortium - Why Note

The series Nudi is a brief exploration of the solitude of an instrument with its player. A Small collection regarding the evenescence of a dialogue that becomes a monologue. The Nudi probe the overexposure of identity. A perceptual space made up of stories that don’t need to be told because there is no audience: their life expires in the passing of a thought. A dimension in which the exposed body rids itself of social characters, sniffs itself, hugs itself. Quattro Nudi for electric guitar and electronics are four pictures on the act of discovering the instrumenst, testing the song attitudes, the metal's virtuoso technique and the object itself (that inspires interferences with other objects). The electric guitar becomes the toy to play with and the electronics is the mental room in which the first tests are done. 


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