SEI NUDI (2017-2018) - (RICORDI)

SEI NUDI (2017-2018)   Ricordi
for prepared vibraphone

dedicace: Brian Archinal

1 Thäi Gong (with short metal chain vibrating on the surface or back) - hit with bass drum pedal
1 Dobachi
1 Crotale Antiques 
1 Church Bell (it is possible to use an other resonating instrument such as Dobachi or Rin)
1 Spring Coil (8-10 Coils) or Large Triangle
1 Triangle small
1 Thin Metal Sheet (such as small thunder sheet) fixed on left side of the Vibraphone with craft clamps

2 Small Wooden boxes or crates - High and Low, making a "snappy" snare sound

1 Bass drum pedal (to hit the T. Gong)

1 Ad libitum but highly recommended: Tam Tam (big size) to be placed close to the metal sheet as resonating instrument
2 Round Wooden Craft Sticks (dowel rods): around 25 mm diameter/20-23 cm length (to cover a fifth)

1 Vibraphone


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